Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Mom's Tip # 7 Carry a spare pair of shoes in the car at all times

I stay so busy trying to juggle 50 million things at one time and you want to give 110% to each and everyone…it’s been a little easier for me since I’ve been home but it still gets chaotic…
Reason for tip # 7 happened last summer…

Alarm goes off at 5:30am, I’ve got to get ready for work – in the mean time get Anthony & Allison up and ready for school. Wake up Abby to take to daycare, after a very hectic hour and a half we’re off to the car…
All 3 kids? Check
Clothes, fed, backpacks? Check
Laptop, cell phone & office keys? Check
Buckled up? Check

And we’re off…
Go to drop off my sweet little eccentric Abigail at daycare and something’s just not right…
Backpack? Already checked
Cute little sundress? Check
Dora helmet on? Check
Matching knee pads? Check

She looks at me with those sad eyes and says, “Mommy, you’re not going to let me wear shoes today??”

Which led me to tip #7


  1. So you do feel as Crazy as I do sometime! Like counting backwards!! That has to be the same as not having your child any shoes on before school...

  2. Just to add a little history... Mandy and I use to babysit OTHER people's children together...wonder how those kids turned out???

  3. Aha ha ha! That's too funny. I haven't done the shoe thing yet, but I did send my son to school one day wearing a single sock.

    I'm still not sure how that happened.