Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday 13 - "P" Edition...

1. Playful -...yep, that's me :)
2. Pouting - Because my daughter (Alli) just said - playful? you? really???
3. Perfect - My kids...what are you laughing at?
4. Pizza - Because it's good.
5. Pancakes - Because there good too.
6. Peace - It's coming, I know it is...
7. Parent - Still working to be good at this one...
8. Pink - Favorite color :)
9. Poop - It happens...
10. Public bathrooms - Ughh!
11. Peanuts - I laugh because of this every time I hear the word...
12. Puppies - Adorable :)
13. Princess - When you ask Abby what she wants to be when she grows up...this is her answer

Be sure to play along over at Kimber's!


  1. Pink is MY FAV color too!!
    great P's!! :)

  2. My niece wants to be a princess too!

  3. YUM pizza! I hate public bathrooms but it seems my child is obsessed with using one every time we go out...ugh.

  4. oh yes, i laugh every time i hear "peanuts" too. even if my kids aren't around to do it for me :)