Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movie time

We have a season pass for the movies this summer. We go on Thursday's at 10am. It's great, no one's hardly there and the kids know each week that they get to go on Thursday's.
This was Abby's first time at the movies. I was a little nervous of how she would do but she did great. Her observations were: Why do they make the seats so hard to hold down? With her little tail, the seat kept trying to fold up on her. She also decided something that we all already get the BEST popcorn at the movies!

That's my mom with all the kids before the move. Yes, Anthony does look overwhelmed by all the "estrogen" :)


  1. Tell Abby I wish I had the same problem with movie seats: )

  2. I want to do the movie pass with my kids but they are to young. You have a cute blog.