Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 years ago....

14 years ago today, a new chapter in my life. I was so excited I was fixing to be some one's wife. The love of my life. The man that could take my breath away with those beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous smile....
It was going to be great! Being a wife. I could just imagine it. Having him gaze at me at the breakfast table telling me how wonderful everything was and how great his day was going to be as he thought about me all day long at work. The "Honey, I'm home" in the afternoon's... Singing and laughing together as we did the dinner dishes.... Holding hands on our way to the grocery store....

The joys of marriage. I couldn't wait!
How could it not be that way? I'm 19 years old - I know everything.
So, real world kicks in. Come to find out, John wasn't in to holding hands while grocery shopping.
Washing dishes together?? ....yep, that singing and laughing crap never happened.

It looks more like this....

Yet, don't underestimate the power of love.

Love - let's him see me all frazzled and still think I'm beautiful

Love - gives me patience when he's ill

Love - shows kindness and eats the muffins I burned for breakfast with a smile

Love - is forgiving after an argument over money to pay the bills

Love - compromises and grows after 14 years of marriage...

This LOVE is still a work in progress

and he still takes my breath away when he looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous smile


  1. Great post!

    Happy Anniversary too!!!

    Relationships are a whole lot of work...that's something I wasn't even completely aware of at the age of 26 when I met the boyfriend lol.

  2. Awww this is soooo sweet and I love the pictures! Happy Anniversary, love! XOXO

  3. This was a great post. Sometimes things don't turn out the way we imagined, but as long as we are happy with the work-in-progress, then life is good. Happy anniversary!

  4. Great Post!

    You have an award on my bloggy blog!

  5. i gotta tell ya...THIS is a sweet post!!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. Ahhh that is so sweet and so true! A lot of communication and sometimes falling on your sword. Yup I'm bad at that one :) Happy Anniversary my dear!

  7. Happy anniversary! It's definitely not how we fantasize it to be! It takes work!

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. happy day for you.
    it ain't easy.

  9. Happy anniversary!!AND tell John happy late b~day too.

  10. happy anniversary! love the realistic and very touching post.

  11. Happy Anniversary! It sure isn't the fantasy we think it is, it's hard work!

  12. Great post! Happy Anniversary! I know, I'm a little late :)