Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Another week with Mama Kat! I chose prompt # 1

How I met one of my best friends...
I met Mandy when I was a teenager working at a christian daycare. Even though I have moved a zillion times over the last 15 years, we've always managed to stay in touch.
She's the friend that I can spend 2 hours on the phone with talking about weight or a new hairstyle I want to try and never make me feel superficial for not having anything better to talk about. She's the same girl that drove 2 hours up the road to come get me when I was pregnant with Abby and let me and the kids stay with her for a week. If I need prayer, she's one of the first I call for support. If I need to vent - there she is.
She also has a twisted sense of humor like myself, so when no one else gets what's funny -
I know she will:)

She's the reason I stared a blog - be sure to go check out her's!

We would all be so lucky to have a friend like her!


  1. my bestey lives in Fl and i miss her daily. we try to talk every other day. i got her to start a blog so i can keep up with her kiddos. we went to college together and were roommates. little did we know we grew up a few exits off the interstate from each other. thanks for sharing your story and take care.

  2. That was so SWEET!! And made me get teary eyed... I feel the same way and you know your the friend I can tell ANYTHING to and I mean ANYTHING maybe to much at times! Thanks so much: )

  3. Best friends are... well, the best.

  4. awesome i guess we picked the same prompt. :)

    the buzz,

  5. those kinds of friends are truly the best! Thanks for vising out blog earlier!

  6. So sweet! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  7. I left you something on my blog sweet lady!

  8. I'm so glad you have a friend like that! We all need that.