Thursday, May 14, 2009

Truth time Thursday....

I have been struggling with my baby weight for quite sometime...Ok, maybe you can't call it baby weight when she'll be five in July...
I've been up and down trying to get off 25 pounds, shed 10 - gain back 15...
So, here's truth time...I am about to tell you exactly what I weigh...

Umm, might take me a minute to get this one drivers license still say 120lbs (as if I'm fooling anybody) When I went to get them renewed, the lady at the DMV asked if I'd like to update anything...address??weight?? I boldly looked her straight in the eyes and said - No, everything's correct and waddled my butt out of there

Anyway...I'm telling you all of this hoping that if I post weekly updates, that it will give me some sort of accountability. So every Thursday I'll post my progress - good or bad.
I'm still not sure if I'm ready to tell you exactly how much I weigh...

Ok, here goes..I'm 5'4 (and a half) cause that half makes me feel better about my BMI and 154lbs.
Breathe Jennifer breathe...there I said it. Now please pray for my success and that miracle weight loss shake that taste like chocolate cake that'll make you lose 10 lbs instantly


  1. You really don't look like you need to lose 25 pds... I lost alot of mine cutting back carbs...pretty much all the yummy stuff. But it does work. Good Luck

  2. Oh Jennifer thats not bad, you'll be fine! Have you thought of getting a weight loss ticker to encourage you as well???? I Have way more than 25lbs or so to loose! :)


  3. try these... they have some CUTE ones! ;)

  4. You're welcome! CUTE i love the froggie! :) you'll be amazed how cool it will be as the little frog hops his lilypads! ;)

  5. I'm right there with ya- I'm 5'3" (not even a half to add to that) and am currently teetering around 140-143. And I have had zero babies. Ugh. I'm getting married in less than four months, so I better hurry up if I want to be back to the 120 that I weighed when we began dating! Good luck to you... I'll definitely pop over to check on your progress =) (And let me know if you find that chocolate cake miracle shake! K, thanks!)

  6. SEriously, don't feel bad about that! That's not that bad! I have about 40 more to go on mine. Weight Watchers is a fabulous program if you're looking for anything to help, I've had great success when I've followed the plan!

  7. I see the picture but you are wearing black! The greatest cover up color. Let's see it. Wear some color, winter is gone and summer is here.