Thursday, May 21, 2009

Truth time Thursday...

Well, I weighed myself this morning and after a long week of passing up all food good...reading blogs of recipes and daydreaming about eating them...yes people, this girl is hungry
I have lost 3 pounds.
I'm disappointed, I guess I should be glad that I lost something that clearly come out of my elbows because my fat roll is still smiling at me bigger than ever
Oh well, maybe next week I'll be a size 6....
Unrealistic goals you say??? Surely not!
My plan this week (I think) is to get serious on the Atkins diet. I know it works, my friend Mandy did it and has had great results and kept it off.
Will see...


  1. Jennifer!!! 3 pds is GREAT!! I wish I would have lost 3 pds this week... I have not done the greatest this week. Avery made brownies this week and that seems to be my weakness SWEETS!! But I will get back on track. Good Luck

  2. I think three lbs is GREAT! just put three blocks of butter on your counter and see how much fat that REALLY is! I was hoping you'd post... i want to see that little frog move! ;)

  3. I agree with the last comment! Congrats on 3 lbs, you'll get there!

  4. 3 lbs in one week is awesome! You don't want to lose the weight too fast or it'll be harder to keep it off. A reasonable goal is 1-2 lbs a week. I know it's hard to be patient, but slow and steady is the best way. Keep up the good work!