Thursday, May 28, 2009

Truth time Thursday

Ok, I've weighed myself and I have lost another 2 pounds. I'm tickled this week because that moves me out of the 150's and into the 140's! Yes, it's still just 149 but it's in the 140's!


  1. whooo hooo way to go Jennifer! hey, a pound is a pound is a pound... doesnt matter if its 1 or 50, its cause to celebrate! ;)



  2. Jennifer, I need to rally some prayers! I have a friend whose son is expecting twins. One baby is getting all the nutrients and a procedure is to be done tomorrow to hopefully correct this. Stephanie, my stepdaughter, is sick as a dog, pregnant. She is on IV meds at home to help alleviate the sickness and is depressed. These families need prayer, please help.