Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop / My favorite things

Welcome to Mama Kat's writer's workshop. My choice this week is 7 of my favorite things. Believe it or not, this was hard for me. Like most of you, I'm sure, as a mom your favorite things are put on the back, it took me a while to come up with my list ...
I LOVE the smell of Marc Jacob's Daisy! John got this for me last year for my birthday.

I love any and everything flip flops! My favorite pair at the moment is these lovely zebra print ones! Aren't they cute!!

It doesn't get any better than a $1 movie from Redbox - some popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepper...

Ok, I told you this was hard for me so I'm going to cheat ( a little) - right now blogging is probably my MOST favorite pass time. So, the next 4 are my top 4 favorite blogs - and it's HARD to narrow it down to 4...

Stanton's Journey to Adoption - She's the reason I even started a blog

I'm a Real Life mom

Mommy Needs Coffee!

Life as we know it


  1. Good list!

    Blogging is excellent and Marc Jacobs Daisy AND flip flops are as WONderFUL.


  2. Gotta have my flip flops, and when it comes to the movies, it's popcorn, milkduds and coke for me!

  3. I love those zebra print flip flops!! You know I love my animal print! I am a little FRU FRU I must confess. Ha! And I heart your blog too!!

  4. Redbox is awesome! I even got some free rental coupons from McDonalds because they forgot part of my order. EVEN better!

    Thanks for the blog suggestions, i'm excited to go check them out.

  5. I wear flip flops most the year!

  6. I love flip flops, I wear them alot here as the weather allows. Thanks for stopping by my blog....

  7. Ooooh, I DO agree! I love my "flippy floppies" (as said by our MN amusement park ride nazi's) so much that I have permanent tan lines! You have great taste, I must say! :)