Saturday, August 22, 2009

The love for a child

I've never known the heartache of infertility. I have seen it through my IRL friend Mandy. I've also seen the joy and happiness that adoption brings. I look at sweet little Seth (pictured with Abby) and you can see the love and security that he KNOWS he has from his family. He KNOWS he has a mommy and daddy that would do anything for him and a big sister that would give him the world. Then I read Stephanie's post about her friend Bethany. (who will soon welcome home her sweet little girl from Ethiopia) She and her husband are selling these t-shirts to fund this mission. Did you know the UN estimates there are 6 million orphans living in the country of Ethiopia??? 6 m.i.l.l.i.o.n.
It breaks my heart to think that 6,ooo,ooo sweet little one's out there that are just waiting to feel that love that Seth has and to KNOW that they have a family.
Maybe you're like me fertile mertle and you struggle to pay for your own, much less be able to afford to adopt but you can for $16 make a difference. If you don't have $16 to give, how about putting a button/link on the side for free. :)
Almost forgot! I entered Stephanie's give away for one of these cool t-shirts and WON!!
Thanks Stephanie!