Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I learned on vacation...

Vacation pictures of this mama of three in a bathing suit should be cropped to a head shot as to not scare away any readers...

Lori and I went here on Wednesday night. Wonderful!! No, there is not one picture from that evening, if fact there is not a single picture of Lori for me to post. Although very pretty, she's not as excited as I am to share herself with blog land...

This is the view from her house, so other than that one night at Oceanic Pier. We stayed on the water. It was a LOT of fun - the sun poison I have now- um, not quite so much...

Ever had one of those moments and you say this would be GREAT on my blog?
Well, I learned every time I had one of those moments - I didn't have the camera...
Instead, when I had the camera I ended up taking pictures of stuff like this...

... and this???

As for any great stories...not much to tell.
We did accidentally get kicked off Government property but I better keep that one to myself!!
So, I leave you with another cropped head shot...


  1. you are a silly silly girl!!
    I'm sure you were rockin' those swimsuits girl!!
    I miss the beach already...sniff sniff!!

  2. Just a little jealous... Of a week without kids on the beach!! No really looks like you had a great time: )

  3. Isn't that the way it always forget to take a pic, or you don't have the camera! I bet you had a relaxing vacation.

  4. Wow you look really tan and I think you look great. I totally understand your friend, though. I blogged for months before I even said my name was Nan, not to mention published a picture of me or my family, lol!

    Beautiful shots of the beach. Wish I was there!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. I love the ocean shot! That is beautiful!

  7. Love all your pictures! Sounds like a great time...I'd give anything for a kid free *night* at the got a whole week!

  8. gorgeous beach shot! glad you had a fun trip!!