Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 13 "I" Edition

1. Isabelle - My niece's middle name
2. Icee Stand - Where I first met John. He worked there as a teenager and I went EVERY afternoon until he asked me out.

3. Internet - Thank God for it!
4. Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is at the top of the list
5. Italian - The closest I come is Ragu Spaghetti...

6. Imagining - My house clean...

7. Icarly - I have 2 girls...what do you expect...

8. Independence Day - Best holiday for BBQ!
9. IHOP - Best breakfast...(I think about food way too much!)

10. Ipod touch- John wants one for his birthday
11. Idea - need one I'm running out of words that start with "I"

12. Idaho - Potatoes ...if all else fails go back to food :)

13. I'm - Done!!

There you go my 13 "I's"

If you are playing along link up at Kimber's...


  1. GREAT I's!!
    how could I not have thought of Iphone?? or iZzie bella! GOSH I suck!!
    glad to have you playing along!!
    start thinking of your J's now :)
    1. Jennifer= the awesomeness that is YOU {hehe}

  2. STEPHANIE 'IBUPROFREN' b/c i can't get this right but,your 'i's' are good

  3. A great big YEAH!! for #12 from this Idaho girl!!!

  4. Love that #13!! The I's weren't too bad for me, but the E's were. You crack me up with all your foods. Way to go!

  5. Love your "I" list...Isabella is actually the name we have picked out if/when we have a girl some day.