Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 13 - "J" Edition

1. Jennifer - ME!
2. John - The hubby
3. July - The 15th - my birthday! The 28th - Abby's birthday
4. Job- It's out there...I just haven't found it yet...
Jesus - Because He loves me... :)
5. Jeans - It's fall... time to buy some new ones
6. Jokes -Q: Where do you find a one-legged dog? A: Where you left it :)
7. Jello - Strawberry Banana with cool whip
8. Juice - Orange is my favorite
9. Joe's Crab Shack - Mmmmm...
10. Jennifer Aniston - Angelina's not that great...
11. Junk - What all of my stuff looks like as I'm packing
12. Jaws - The ocean's never been the same since...
13. Jen - We're friends can call me that :)
Now be sure to go check out the rest over at Kimber's


  1. my favorite is 6 & 12 scared of them sharks.

  2. Great "J"'s. I agree with you about Jaws, and I would like to start wearing jeans...NOW! Never tried our local Joe's Crab Shack. I'm on Team Jolie. Have a wonderful day and take care.

  3. Jennifer you crack me up, three legged dog ... LOL

    Never been to Joe's Crab Shack I hear it's oh so yummy! But if I ate there I wouldn't have a chance fitting into any jeans let alone any other clothes :)

    Yup Jaws did a number on all of us :)

  4. Bahaaaaa ur joke is so funny!! Made me laugh!
    Great J's :)

  5. My birthday is 2 days after yours! Oh and I love orange juice too.