Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 13 - "K" edition

If you want to join in on the fun be sure to link up at Kimber's
1.  Kids - Started new school today... pray that they love it!
2.  Kind - Trying to be to the hubby - he pulled a muscle in his back moving & has been put on bed rest by the doc...
3. Krazy - Yes, that's how we spell it today - the way I feel, soon it will all come together...right??
4.  Keebler -  The best little elves in the world!!  They can make cookies in a tree :)
5.  Keep - I think that word was used way too much when packing...
6.  Ketchup - A must in our fridge!
7.  Kisses - Because they fix everything...
8.  Kelly's Korner - I LOVE her blog :)
9.  Kindergarten -  Abby's grade
10.  King - not mentioning any names but who he thinks he is on enough pain meds...
11.  Keys - Do I really need all of them??
12.  Kitchen - Mine is clean :) anyway :)
13.  Karaoke -  Some of us should just stick with singing in the shower (I'm one of those!) 


  1. YAY!!!!!! for playing along!! :)
    great K's

  2. in the midst of packing myself, i simply cannot believe the amount of stuff we have kept for so many years. seriously, its sinful.

    praying your kids like their new school!

  3. Ketchup is a must in any household with just makes everything taste better - according to Riley anyway lol.

    Great list! Hope the kids love their new school!

  4. YUMMMY cookies, oh wait there was more K's I can't get past cookies .. LOL :). Love teh list :)