Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where did he get that from????

Before dinner last night my kids were actually arguing over who could say grace. What a proud, sweet moment. How well John and I have done - our kids (all three) wanting to say the blessing! {Smiling in pleased contentment}

Then Abby says: [whiny, agitated voice] Why do we have to say the blessing EVERY time we eat??

Then Anthony replies: [the smart, confident boy he is] Because Abby, if we don't - Jesus will make us sick.

Proud parenting moment thrown out the window....


  1. Tell Anthony it will also protect him from those "horror stories" from fast food restaurants!

  2. Hahahahaha! I've had many proud parenting moments go right out the window, lol!

    My hubby said our oldest son was mowing the lawn (without being told) without his shirt on, and he was so proud and happy.

    I laughed and said "He just wants to get a tan." Sure enough, son comes in and his dad is thanking him and telling him how pleased he was that he mowed the lawn. So our son sheepishly admitted he just wanted to work on his tan and figured mowing the lawn would give him something to do to pass the time!

  3. that is so cute!!{and it COULD be possibly true!!}

  4. this would be a great example of "putting the fear of God" in your children.

    awesome story!!!

  5. LOL this would so be my boys! So many times I'm say yup I'm getting the mother of the year award.

    I think you're amazing mom ;)