Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writer's Workshop - Friendly Advice

The Prompts from Mama Kat:

1.) Write about a time when you were wrongly wronged.(inspired by myself.)
2.) Geriatric peeping Tom neighbors? Do tell.
3.) Mommy play dates? What's your experience with mom dating?
4.) The first day of...
5.) Share your friendly advice for someone you think needs it (ie your mother-in-law, other drivers, cell phone users, etc.)

I chose #5...
My friendly advice is for Mrs. "Kindergarten" teacher
Please only listen to half of what my child says. She tells everything. I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
*I did not try to give her away at the grocery store. When the sweet little old lady asked how much she (Abby) would cost her to take her home. I said she was priceless.
5 year old translation - free.
Then there's yesterday. The kids are giving Roxy a bath. She gets away from them and takes off down the street. Although we love our dog very much.... the neighbors love for her- not so much.
So, we rush to get herback and obedience is not necessarily her strong point and in frustration John says - I'm going to kill her.
(Back off Peta - It was said out of anger no real intentions)

After 20 minutes of coaxing and begging we finally get the dog back. "We" as in me and John, the kids have already gave up and went in to the house. She is fine and well and securely pinned up in her kennel.
Before bed last night Abby is drawing a picture and I ask our sweet angel what she's working on.
The very attentive Abby tells me - Tomorrow when my teacher ask what we did last night, I'm drawing a picture in case I forget - to tell her that daddy wants to kill the dog...

You think I still got a shot at Room mom???


  1. Sure you've got a shot at room mother, but only if another mother comes on the same day to supervise you :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Making friends is worse at this stage because now you have to like the mom AND the kid/kids.

  2. I am sure her K teacher will appreciate the heads up :)

    Funny stuff!

  3. Hey Jennifer,
    I was so glad to hear from you. I don't check my home e mail very often, was printing off the sunday school lesson and had to check the mail and saw were you had sent me a message. Hope everyone's well! Miss you, we should really e mail or call more often. Calli (my 18 yr old) started college this month, she's staying home and going to CCU, Grace is in Fourth grade (9 yrs old), and Autumn (20 yrs old) is working a the church daycare center, as a child care provider for the infants room. Mama and Daddy are good! Daddy is just now looking older to me (at 78 that's a good run, huh). I'll try to e mail you some recent pix if you send me your e mail! Tell everyone hey! Nobody calls or e mails me much, you know our looney clan! I love to stay in otuch, so send me that e mail! I love ya!,
    From your Aunt Crissy

  4. I think I will laugh all night over this!!!!

  5. I love it! I so often tell my girls, that is not something we'd share with people!

  6. Hahahahah! That is just so funny! Out of the mouths of babes...right.

  7. Oh my gosh, Abby is hilarious! Is she for sale? ;-)

  8. LMAO!!! OMGosh hysterical...and I own an Abby as well

  9. it's amazing what the kids retain and then tell everyone else. lil' D once told his k3 teacher that his daddy ran him over with his bicycle. luckily, she knew he was kidding. he says lots of things to the grandparents to get sympathy and free stuff. i worry about what things he will tell his teacher this year. his imagination can be very scary. he thinks his brain is a table with three computers on it. there are also two people in there running the computers. should i be worried? take care.

  10. that is too funny girl! You just have to love them right? :)

    You have my vote for room mom ;)